Goodbye Waistline
Hi there! My name is Alyssa and this is my journey into a healthier and happier me. I'm overcoming depression and BED, learning to love myself every step of the way.

SW/HW May 26th 2012: 296lbs
LW March 9th 2013: 195lbs
CW March 28th 2014: 199lbs

follow for health, fitness and motivation - i follow similar back =)
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Healthy eating!
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Just a reminder


You can love your body AND try and lose weight.

Weight loss doesn’t automatically mean you hate your body

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me at da club
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Shoutout to radicalmuscle for giving me a tut on how to make gifs. I am invincible now. 
So the holidays are over and I am back towards 300 pounds even though a month ago, I had the flu and was close to 260. I gained from the flu and plus I just really like to eat and have been stressing out about basically everything and not taking care of myself.
I have chronic back pain due to having a horrible dip in my bed, being extra fat, and having large breasts. 
However, that did not and will never keep me from trying to change those issues. The only thing that will be hard is getting a new bed frame and mattress. But that’s not the point. 
With NO PLANING, I literally took the day into my hands and decided to work out. I even managed to drink a lovely, healthy, smoothie beforehand too. 
So what is this post about anyways? I dunno. A celebration of me learning how to make a successful gif, the fact that I am running with the American flag behind me…(lol me running away from it actually), and probably the need to have fat fitspo in the fitblr community. Yeah. It’s the last one actually. We need more fat and average fitspo in the community on here. 
And before you all say anything, I managed to not give a flying fuck about how I looked when I started running. I wanted to use my Nike+ app with my Asics shoes and a beautiful bright, springy, Houston afternoon and just go do it. Titties are flying everywhere, shirt is flying up, breathing hard, keeps spitting up mucus because I haven’t cleaned my respiratory system this well in 2 months, my fat is feeling some type of way.  
I plan on working out again tomorrow and the next day…or if I am in another area, I will record. BTW, you can tag you fat/average sized fitness in my tag lkfatfitness so that I can continue to be inspired by you wonderful people and I can inspire my little lot of followers. 
And I guess that is it. Something Something check out my blog and feed the ninja turtles, something something The Sims, something something, Sims fitness pics, something something I really would like 10k on this post, not gonna lie to you people.I always wear black, danskin now black.  
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